September 2018

September 27, 2018
Out of the Box

Diamond rings have been sporting the hands of newly engaged women since ancient times. In the mid 1940s, DeBeers revived the ritual with its famous “Diamonds Are Forever” campaign. Today’s brides are blazing new trails by selecting nontraditional wedding rings that express their individual style.

Brides Ring in an Era of Self-Expression With Unique Engagement Rings

True Colors

“Brides today want to be unique and they don’t mind taking chances with colors, settings, and stones. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, natural pink, blue, and even green diamonds are trending. These precious and rare diamonds originate from only a few mines in the world, and they can elevate a traditional setting to an entirely new level. While diamonds are always in vogue for engagement rings, millennials are also opting for nontraditional stones, such as color-changing alexandrite, beautiful tanzanite, black opal, and even aquamarine. We are in an age when anything goes, and brides are embracing the idea of individuality and self-expression!” says Jordan Fine, CEO of JFINE.


3.64 carat Natural Australian Black Opal.

1.12 carat fancy orangy-yellow marquise, 1.59 carat Argyle blue diamonds and .01 Argyle pink diamonds set in platinum and pink gold.

1.97 carat fancy light-yellowish green diamond surrounded by Argyle pink melee and set in 18K gold.

Argyle Origins ring with 2.02 carat oval fancy intense purplish-pink diamond surrounded by Argyle pink diamonds and white diamonds and set in platinum.

Three-stone ring with 1.63 carat fancy gray diamond and .40 carat fancy purplish-pink diamonds set in Argyle pink diamonds.

Kathryn Money, vice president of strategy and merchandising at Brilliant Earth agrees: “Customers are seeking products that express their individuality and are increasingly drawn towards uniqueness. They want a ring that isn’t like everyone else’s, which we’re seeing manifested in many different ways, such as choosing a distinctive ring setting, using colored gemstones in lieu of a diamond, using a fancy (non-round) diamond, or opting for rose gold.” Money adds that 16% of respondents in a recent survey they conducted favored a colored gemstone engagement ring over a diamond. “Brides are increasingly gravitating towards colored gemstone rings, including sapphires in a range of hues, emerald, morganite, and aquamarine as a way to create a distinctive, stylish statement that can also hold personal meaning. Morganite gemstones set in rose gold settings are definitely trending!” says Money.

Insuring Your Ring

Are the rules different for insuring a nontraditional wedding ring? We asked Janece White, senior vice president at Chubb Personal Risk Services. “For starters, when selecting your forever ring, be careful you understand the durability of your selection. For example, it’s understood that a diamond is the hardest substance on the planet and can take everyday ware with little concern. However, that is not the case with other gem choices. Second, select a reputable jeweler who can explain how to take care of your ring, assure you of its actual origin, and provide authentication of your chosen stone. With diamonds, it’s fairly common to get a diamond certificate, but that is not the case with other gemstones. Last, but not least, make sure you insure your purchase for its replacement value. After going through all of the trouble to find the perfect ring, you want to make sure you can replace it if something unfortunate happens,” notes White.

Behold these eight exquisite engagement rings:

Brilliant Earth

Windsor Ring

Lyrical shapes scattered with shimmering diamonds form a halo around a glistening center morganite gemstone in this unique engagement ring. Morganite has been increasing in popularity due to its romantic “millennial pink” hue that pairs perfectly with trendy rose gold.

Lotus Flower Ring

A subtle floral diamond halo blooms around a center oval sapphire in this exquisite engagement ring. The deep royal blue gemstone exudes a regal feel, while the oval shape gives the ring a sense of elegance.

Cambria Ring

This glittering halo setting features delicate pave diamonds that encircle a vibrant yellow round sapphire and adorn the band. An open gallery makes this ring light and feminine for a truly special look.

Lena Ring

A cushion-cut emerald is the main attraction of this 18K yellow gold ring. Emeralds have historically known for their radiant hue. In fact, the color was named Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2013 for that very reason.

Written by Stacy Marcus

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