May 2018

May 29, 2018

Wine Experts Uncork Great Ideas For Your Wedding

Andrew Rich, Woods Hill Table’s sommelier and beverage director, always asks the wedding couple what wine they enjoy drinking because he believes that the essence of a wedding is to celebrate the couple. Just having tied the knot a couple of weeks ago, Rich is an expert on wine as well as weddings. He took a moment from his busy job at Woods Hill Table to uncork some thoughts about wine and weddings:

• We provide the food and wine, but the wedding is really all about the couple. Rich emphasizes that couples should serve their favorites vintages so that guests can learn what they like while celebrating their nuptials.

• Classics ring true. When it comes to pairing food and wine, Rich is pretty old school, serving white wine with seafood and poultry and red wine with meat. He notes that a sommelier will know best what to serve with your specific wedding menu. Wine tastings are a great way to explore pairings.

• “What grows together, goes together” is Rich’s mantra. Think of the major cuisine from an area like Italy—spicy Bolognese, chicken parmesan—and you can see how well a Chianti Classico works with these dishes.

Bruno Marini, sommelier and food and beverage director at CHOPPS American Bar & Grill and Boston Marriott Burlington has a few simple tips for couples to keep in mind while selecting wine for their wedding reception:

• Go with something that you’re familiar with. While unique varietals might be tempting or seem like an exciting alternative, you want to offer something that is recognizable to your guests.

• Make sure you taste the wine before making your selections. Every vineyard yields a unique wine each season, so make sure that you taste the wine that will be poured on your big day. Plus, who doesn’t like a wine tasting?

• Focus on the quality of the product. Don’t let price be the sole factor that that rules your decision.

Ray Osborne, head sommelier and assistant general manager of Bistro du Midi notes, “For white wines, a white Burgundy is a good place to start. White Burgundy wines are often crisp enough to appeal to drinkers of Sauvignon Blanc and have enough Chardonnay flavoring to appeal to drinkers of domestic Chardonays. For red wines, Osborne says couples should consider choosing a California Pinot Noir. Many California Pinots can be reasonably rich, but what they don’t have is the pigmentation that’s going to stain everyone’s teeth—no purple smiles for the reception photos.”

Rich shares a final word about wines at weddings noting that you should, “ Have fun. It’s your day. It’s time to open a Jeroboam or Imperial-size bottle and let the good times flow!

Written by Stacey Marcus

May 11, 2018

Samantha and Edwin Jacobi got married in a little Indiana college town where they met. The whole event was perfect, but the best part of the wedding was the personal touch added by the mom of the bride.

Samantha’s mom, Betsy, has been an artist her entire life. Utilizing her talents, Betsy designed and illustrated each piece of wedding stationery by hand, using watercolor colored pencils. She handmade the save-the-dates, shower invitations, wedding map invitations, place cards, menus, and even the ceremony program.


We love how Samantha included her mom in her wedding planning. Personal touches are a sweet, memorable way to create lifelong memories of your big day. Whether it be an intimate detail or an elaborate feature, adding elements to your wedding that are unique to you make it even more special. 

Nice job, Betsy!

Photos by: Amanda Debusk

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